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Photo credit Tommy Trenchard

Our organization


The Solon Foundation is a registered charity that works directly in some of the most marginalized communities in the world.  The Foundation aims to achieve greater, more sustainable social impact through the combined strengths of in-country operational experience, active community engagement and alignment of priorities, on-going monitoring and evaluation, and the strategic deployment of donor capital.


Our three main areas of focus are the advancement of education, environmental conservation and improvement of health in the West African countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia.


To promote access to quality education, the Foundation establishes, operates and equips schools in difficult to reach communities, and provides scholarships for students to continue with their education.


To promote improved health and health practices, the Foundation builds and repairs water wells and sanitation facilities, and combines these efforts with on-going community education and outreach activities. The Foundation is also engaged in supporting improved access to health services by building, repairing and equipping health clinics and supporting basic clinic operations and WASH projects.


Our UK organization


The Solon Foundation UK is a registered grant-making trust. Established in 2008, the Foundation UK provides grants to advance education in marginalized communities. To date, the Foundation UK has provided grants to support education programs operating in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana.


With a shared focus on improving the quality of education in West Africa, the Solon Foundation UK provides support to the educational programs being carried out by the Solon Foundation Canada.


More recently, the Solon Foundation UK has established a partnership with the Rising Academy Network, a provider of high quality, affordable education in Sierra Leone.

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